Thursday, September 25, 2008

Merry Sherry.

Sherry. What in the Jerez are we to do with it? (That's a wine joke). I went to a great tasting today sponsored by the Sherry Counsel of America at Bar Pintxo in Santa Monica, and had them all from dry elegant Fino to the slightly more oxidized Amontillado to downright nutty and dark Oloroso to Pedro Ximenez there's a Sherry out there for everyone. Look at all the colors!!

I really likes the Oloroso because it was almondy and full of dried fruits, pruney and delicious. Perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And good with savory foods. 

El Maestro Sierra is available in all flavors and styles at Joe's in Venice and Bar Pintxo for cheap!


CobrasWine said...

Shit...I wish someone had notified me about this event. Sorry I missed it.

Amy said...

It was really good actually. And there were probably 5 sommeliers who didn't show up because everyone is so freakin' flakey in this town. Too bad, because it was a great educational experience.

CobrasWine said...

"Flakey." That's a good one. I'm going to remember that word next time you stand me up for a tasting.

Amy said...

what??? I've never stood you up - have I? I'm going to have to now just to irritate you :)