Saturday, August 2, 2008

Something old.

I love new wine. I can't help it. BUT I love old wine too. Can't help that either. Last night we went to Lucques for dinner with the distributor for Holus Bolus and Piedrasassi in Colorado. We wanted to drink something special so Peter went by the Wine House and Jim hooked us up with a Lopez de Heredia , Rioja, 1976. (Remember the terrific 1997 Rose from the Cheese Store of SL not too long ago?)

It was a beautiful bottle. It had all those 'old wine' / mature characteristics, loads of savory dried herbs but still had some good sweet fruit. Great fill and really well preserved and stored. Jim (Wine House) recently bought a bunch of vintages and different wines direct from the estate. Peter said he's seen lower fills right off the bottling line. 

It was $120. Steep, yes, but for a wine of that age, it's really not that expensive. Kinda like me, at my age I'm not so bad for $120 either. (Any more than that and you're pushing your luck.) 


Anonymous said...

"Something old." Wot, like this post? Are you in Tahiti again? Where's your review of the NV M. Lawrence Sex Brut Rose from Michigan that you promised Bill Fernandez's uncle?

Amy said...

Wow! You mad, huh?

I was in Lompoc - not Tahiti - though sometimes I get confused it's so very luxurious there.

BTW - is this Sex Brut Rose a wine that's available at say... the Cheese Store of SL??

Anonymous said...

Bizarrely, yes. Vinos Unico are closing it out for a buck-forty frontline. Altho methode trad, it's about as brut as a summer afternoon at the beach. Word is the fizz is called Sex because of a wager that the producer wouldn't be able to get the name past the ATF or wotev it's called these days.

Amy said...

I thought you were joking. You MUST save me a bottle of that. I just looked it up and I actually like the packaging.

Will you be there Thursday? I have new Bordeaux and I need the Sex.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I have a Woop Woop Verdelho vertical at noon, but I'll be clear after that.