Sunday, August 24, 2008

Keep your leg to yourself.

The newest hottest spot in Venice is officially Gjelina. Now while I don't have a picture of the wine we drank, I did take a very clandestine picture of a randy date. This guy is so psyched right now. Little miss something is giving him the 'ole leg  over the lap trick. Notice his left hand. 

Ah! I remember the good old days when my leg had a life of its own. It was like Sammy David Junior Junior, having amorous times with whatever came its way. It would just throw itself on anything. When I got married I finally realized that it generally means you have to put out. And well, like I said, I'm married, so what's the point?

Wait, this is a wine blog, right? Right. 

I drank a Montepulciano and Peter drank an Aglianico and we liked both the wines at $12 and $13, respectively. Unfortunately I was so busy people watching I forgot to write the wines down. The outside patio is magical and dark and romantic. Just go and enjoy and drink what you want. Just go. 


Anonymous said...

Seth the sommelier here. I had to deal with a similar situation at Claimjumper. One guest had his leg draped over another guest's leg. They were both men so I asked them to leave, as we are a family restaurant. What I hadn't realized was that one of the men was an amputee. He had removed his prosthetic in order to scratch a phantom itch. Headquarters wouldn't let me live that one down, so they locked me in a 120 degree room for six days, denied me sustenance and forced me to undergo sensitivity training. A week a later I had my first test. An amputee came in and I offered her the following: "Seeing as you only have one leg, can we offer you another, as in a leg of lamb." I thought it was a nice touch of hospitality, but headquarters thought different. The next day, they sent a mixed martial arts person to the restaurant and he beat me within an inch of my life. Now I'm not allowed to come within twenty feet of any amputee guests.

Amy said...

Dear Seth the Sommelier, this might be funniest thing I have ever read! I dated an amputee in college. He still managed to get away.