Monday, August 18, 2008

Madam without the "e".

Madam Preston, Roussanne / Marsanne / Viognier, Dry Creek Valley... no vintage date, so I can only assume it's a blend of years. 

Another wine made from organic grapes that we poured at the Google party. Madam Preston has always impressed me with its packaging, but until last week I had never tasted the wine. It was very popular because of it's rich texture and those exotic floral accents that viognier adds to the flavor profile. Roussanne and Marsanne contribute nuttiness, and really strong red fruit qualities. Lots of strawberries and fresh pluots (the ubiquitous farmers market plum/apricot hybrid). Yes, it really does taste like a pluot, I didn't just throw that in so you'd think I was smart or, more likely, eccentric...

Also, check out Lou Preston's blog

It's available at Mr. Marcel at the Grove for around $30. And also, of course, it's on the list at Lucques for about $60.  

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