Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The gold goes to gruner.

Doesn't this bottle just make you thristy?? Nikolaihof, Gruner Veltliner, Hefeabzug, 2007 from Wachau, Austria was the first biodynamic vineyard in all of Europe. Hefeabzug translates as "sur lie", meaning while it was aging in barrel or tank they left the wine in contact with dead yeast cells in order to make the flavor profile more round and complex.  

I have not traditionally been a huge gruner fan as I frequently find them dull and slightly bitter. But this one is fantastic. Really full and rich with excellent acidity and - the color is surprisingly gold (with green edges) and it's not vegetal at all. White pepper with fresh peaches.

It pairs nicely with the Women's javelin and uneven bar competitions. And BTW Nastia was ripped off!!!!!

It's available at The Wine Country in Orange County for $27.99, but you can also get it by the glass at aoc

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