Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The schnizzle! 95 pt. (RP) wine under $50.

2004 was a great vintage in Tuscany and the Isole e Olena, Ceparello, IGT is 100% Sangiovese, it spends 14 months in barrel. Really low yields (Only a pound and a half per plant for those of you who care.) The estate was founded in the 1960s by a man who made his way to Tuscany via Piedmont. Yahoo!

The wine is very concentrated, but still traditional in style, a little dusty but also has a great long, incredibly sexy texture. Give it a go... It's Buzzin' like Shwayze. (I know what she was on - by the way - Ceparello. And she did fall in love - by the way - with Ceparello.)

Available at Woodland Hills Wine Co. for $49.95. 


Richard Auffrey said...

I love this wine too! A few months ago I met the wine maker, Paolo De Marchi and he was such a nice guy, personable and down to earth. I would recommend all of his wines. His Chianti Classico is an excellent value as well.

(I do have reviews on my site for the tasting where Paolo was.)

Out of all the wine blogs I read, I have found more wines on your site that I have tasted before than any other.

Amy said...

Hi Richard, we must have the same tastes :0 I will check out your archives!!! I haven't had the Chianti Classico - would love to give that one a try.