Friday, July 18, 2008

No green peppers here.

First, I've been a terrible blogger this week. I keep forgetting to blog!!

Meanwhile, I've had a lot of fun wine this week! (Probably the source of my amnesia).

Lang and Reed Cabernet Franc, 2006 is a favorite at aoc. ($11 a glass!) It's named after proprietors John and Tracey Skupny's two sons, Reed and Jerzy Lang. To me the label like it was drawn with love and crayons at the kitchen table on a Saturday afternoon. We get great comments on it at aoc. Designing a label is very hard work (Hocus Pocus took Peter and I months to figure out). The story about the art work is here. I love it! (Thanks John!)

I saw it on sale this week at Mr. Marcel at the Grove for $22.99 and am here to say - go pick yourself up a bottle. It's totally lacking that weird green pepper / herbaceous Cabernet Francy thing that can be so off putting when unripe. Really fruity, with very light tannins and just jump in your mouth raspberry juiciness. My friend Daryl LOVES this wine. It's red wine that's light enough for summer, but substantial enough to impress your California cabernet loving friends. 

We are off to Hollywood Forever to see Clockwork Orange this Saturday night and think we'll bring a bottle to scare off the boogey mens in my head!!! 



Anonymous said...

Thank you Amy - in fact the wine is named after our two boyz, J. Reed and Jerzy Lang Skupny. It was an interesting process to develop a label that reflected our feelings for our family and for our wine. The whole story can be found here:
Again, thanks for the kind words about our wine.

Amy said...

Hi John!! Thanks so much for your comments - I hope I cleared up an inconsistencies of mine!!! We love your wine at aoc!! :) AMY