Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's all about the balance.

I want to drink Brunello every night, but unfortunately the lottery tickets Peter got for his birthday from our friend Rob did not pan out the way we had hoped. So sometimes we are stuck drinking the little brother of Brunello. 

Not a bad price at all for Rosso, but be  warned this wine needs lots of time to open up and to blow off it's stink. It has that horse poop aroma that I usually don't find very appealing. We decanted it and left it alone for an hour or and it got much much better. It became more integrated into the wine. More balanced, if you will. (Will you??) And it's all about balance. Decanting really does do wonders. Rustic tannins, but with hints of sweet Brunello cherry fruit. 

"Good for meat", says the recovering vegetarian.

I know there are some of you out there who love your horse poo, if so, don't bother with the decanting. There's a nice steamy one ready for you upon opening.  

I  also for some reason felt compelled to try to balance the bottle on my head. The results were not positive. 

Today's hellomw post is on Fermentation. Check it out. 

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