Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to Peter!

This wine is perfect example of why vintages are important! I previously blogged on the 2001 Elio GrassoGinestra Vigna Casa Mate a beautiful, dense chalky and ageworthy wine, the 2002 Barolo (everything at Elio Grasso was declassified into this one wine in 2002) is delicious but much more straightforward and simple. It's easy to drink and ready to drink now! No harsh tannins or acidity that need extended bottle aging. 

 We went to Dominick's on Beverly last night to celebrate Peter's 34th birthday! Our Hocus Pocus Pinot was in the flight so we were celebrating that too. And we had a great time - realizing that there are many ways to use an Elio Grasso bottle,  as a flute (see Daryl playing Mozart above) and as a Parrot (on Rob to the left).

Peter is blowing out his candle!! And drinking some killer Homemade Limoncello!

The Limoncello is $8 a glass. The 2002 Elio Grasso Barolo is $78 a bottle. 


Anonymous said...

At Qool in the City, we have this promoter guy that drinks wine with a parrot on his shoulder. I wonder if the parrot plays the flute?

Amy said...

Yes! the flute playing parrot will be on next week's blog!

Anonymous said...

Nice Choice...from the guy who made the stuff...say hey to Dana and good luck with the MW....Greg is also on track

Jamie (Waters)

Amy said...

Jamie - HI! Thanks for your comment - nice to hear from you - I was very excited to try your wine - DELICIOUS!