Monday, June 9, 2008

Salad Wine.

This little Portugese baby, Campolargo, Branco Arinto, 2005, was recommended to me by Dave at Mission Wine in South Pasadena.

The label says Madeira loud and clear, but it's a trick. It's not from Maderia, in this case Maderia means it was put into wood. It's way different. On first sip it was a bit like the Txakoli rose, I thought - what the hell is this?? And then it warmed up a little and really rounded out. It's got crazy acid though, like creamy lemon lime acid. It also has, appropriate to it's name, a very mild nutty oxidative quality. It's very very refreshing and lively - great salad wine... don't hear that too often, huh? Can't have too much of that lying around the house, right??

It's $23.99 and would go perfect with a hot rock and a cactus.

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