Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pigeon wine.

Well, I gotta say, I sort of missed the Father's Day blog... I didn't even remember to call my dad until I sat down to write this!!

This one is for all you Whole Foods wine buying fiends (Marcel / Daryl). A Father's Day Special. Never too late to buy a bottle of wine for yourself for Father's Day, especially if you don't have children. 

Cave de Chante-Perdrix, St. Joseph, 2005. Classic lightly smoky, spicy syrah. It's like black stone fruits dipped in pepper... black and white pepper... Oh!! You know what that is?? It's Ebony and Ivory pepper living together in perfect harmony. 

In past vintages this wine has been leaner (2003 an exception), but in 2005 it's got great balance between minerality and round soft fruit. I dig it! $25.99 at the Whole Foods on Wilshire at 22nd in Santa Monica. 

Oh lord why don't we???


CobrasWine said...

celtics suck

CobrasWine said...

sorry...had to vent.

Amy said...

Did you and Dame Judy go out and get drunk with my granny last night?

By the way - you want your wine this week? I was just going to call you this afternoon!

Anonymous said...

If Atlanta took Boston to seven in the first round, does that mean Atlanta is mo' better than your Los Angeles Lakers?

CobrasWine said...

Judy is that you?