Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's not bland it just tastes that way.

This was a weird one. Guerila, Pinela, Vipava Valley, Slovenia, 2006. Pinela? Another grape I have no history with. 

My friend Daryl made a funny slip when she tasted it and said, "It's like Sauvignon Bland... I mean Blanc... no, it tastes like bright citrus, but meyers lemons not regular lemons... not tart and astringent." AND I totally agree. Peter said, "It has a lot of richness and flavor for being an Italian this oaked?? And 14.2% alcohol?" But everyone liked it even though we were baffled by it. These oddballs do that...

(I cut him slack on the Italian comment as we don't have a proper map of Slovenia at home. Northern Italy / Slovenia, same thing, right? Only separated by some mountains and a small sea...)

It was recommended to me by Matt, one of the guys down at Silverlake Wine. I opened it with friends while waiting in line to get into the cemetery on Saturday night... we killed it. (no pun intended.)

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