Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cold as ice...

I know this sounds crazy, but I have started freezing wine if and when we don't the finish the bottle (umm... this is pretty rare) or if I have multiple bottles open and want to save them to drink for later. And it really works!! Just pop the bottle in the freezer, no other preparation needed! 

We started this wonderful little Sancerre Rouge last night, which I bought at Palate for $24. Pascal & Nicolas Reverdy, 2006, Terre de Maimbray. This is a tres cool wine because Sancerre Rouge is so difficult to find here. 100% Pinot Noir. It's highly acidic, like massive mouthwatering acid with tons of stony minerality and very light in color. The fruit is super primary, like fresh, slightly unripe strawberrys. We will finish this for lunch today with red bean gumbo!

We had frozen a bottle of 2004 Mugnier, Clos de Marechale (had just a cup or so left in the bottle) and tasted them side by side and you can see why Burgundy is Burgundy and why Sancerre Rouge is Sancerre Rouge. Granted it's not really fair to pit these wines next to each other, considering the drastically different quality levels, but I still feel like Burgundy, even on the Bourgogne Rouge level, has a rounder softer mouthfeel and the acidity (even in unripe vintages like 2004) isn't as austere. 

So, I have this new thing, where I am going to write an MW tasting note for every wine on this blog. It will part of my daily studies and for you people out there who care to look it over, I would appreciate feedback on my reasoning. Click here.


Anonymous said...

This is an interesting practice, and one that I am going to put to the test this very day!

Amy said...

I actually can't take credit for this as, Bob Betz, MW recommended this practice to me in order to extend blind tasting wines. He said to put it in a smaller bottle and it would be as good as new - but I just left it in the big bottle and the Mugnier held up really well.