Thursday, May 29, 2008

Savvy Saves and Pimping my favorite Peter.

I know. You hate me for posting more on Champagne - but I simply cannot help myself! I've got 2 for you today.

Pierre Peters is one of my all time favorite celebration wines because it's delicious and fairly inexpensive. I love the simplicity of the label because it corresponds to the elegant bubbles in the bottle. Bright citrus lemon notes and white flowers are the focus of this wine and it's truly ephemeral and taut and muscular at the same time. 100% Chardonnay, high acid and lots of minerality. Me Likey!!!!!! It's available at the Wine House for $39.99. That's about as cheap as it gets!

Next is a more broad, biscuity and meaty wine, Camille Saves. This is the Carte Blanche, from the appropriately named region of Bouzy.

You've been there right?? You can get the Carte Blanche for $52.99 at the Wine House or $44.99 at Wine Pavilion in the OC.

Your other bubbly options are, of course, Miller Genuine Draft and Miller Light, featured in the can in the background and available at your local Ralphs.

Party on Wayne.

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