Thursday, April 3, 2008

No need to bring a weapon.

My friend Santos (aka Toast), formerly of Silverlake Wine and aoc, has taken the step that every sommelier, waiter and line cooks dreams of taking - opening his own place. Bacaro LA is based on lite bites and $4 to $9 glasses of esoteric wine. Last night we popped in for a drink and had a great time standing at the little wood bar, eating blood orange, lemon peel and rosemary marinated olives tossed in with marcona almonds. It was delicious with my Fischer beer and a wine recommendation from Santos. Luigi Guisti, La Crima di Morro d'Alba, 2006. La Crima di Morro d'Alba is located in the Marche region (thanks to Jeff Zimmitti from Rosso Wine Shop for correcting me on this!!) It's a light, but dirty naughty little Italiano.

This week is the soft opening as they finish up on the final touches. There's no music yet and the lights are bright (currently there are no dark corners to make out in.) It's so new some of the paint is probably still wet (therefore I would advise against leaning against the walls.) But it's always good karma and a good time to support the dreams of your local LA peeps.

Bacaro is located near USC, right off the 10 at Hoover. You are thinking it's a sketch neighborhood, I know, but get this - no one even shot at us as we entered the restaurant - and really, what more can you ask for these days?


Anonymous said...

Amy, you are too much!

By the way the Giusti Lacrima di Morro D'Alba is actually a wine from the Marche region. The grape did originate in Piedmont, hence the D'Alba tag but it is fanatically grown in the Marche by Luigi Giusti. Luigi is also friends with Dino, who is the Importer, Vinity.

Carry on.... JZ/Rosso Wine Shop

Amy said...

Ah!! Thanks Jeff, changes will be made - glad you're reading this to keep me on my game!

Anonymous said...

found you during a search for this lovely wine! any body know who the importer or distributor is on the west coast? Thanks!!