Monday, March 31, 2008

Our new toys.

Bubbles got a new toy and so did I. Orcella, Orsus, Montsant, Spain, 2001 for $11.99 at Colorado Wine Company in Eagle Rock. I can't believe the price!

The wine is, appropriately, a little animally, like wet dog, but in that good Old World way. Give your pooch a bath and let her roll all over your micro-suede sofa or pop open a bottle of Orcella and you'll get the full smelly experience.

BUT REALLY, it's got great sweet strawberry fruit and moderate acidity, not too jarring and very light tannins. Mostly it's cheap, and that's just the kind of wine I like to drink when Bubbles and I are going to bed early and can only have one measly pathetic glass.

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Squada said...

I think I'll call u Carrie, jajaja Last time I was in LA i tried an excelent Argentinian wine called PUNTO FINAL, (un MALBEC) from what I can remember it was a good wine, tried it??? take care and keep spending on wine... worth it!!