Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Delicious Little Doms.

Little Doms is the sister restaurant of Dominick's (on Beverly just west of San Vicente.) Located at 2128 Hillhurst Blvd. in Los Feliz, Peter and I went there last night to visit my long time friend, Susan Brink, who's put together an amazingly eclectic, but approachable wine list.

Monday night is Flight Night.

The theme was "Off-beat Italian Whites" and believe it or not I had ANOTHER terrific Gewurtraminer from Suditrol. I think that makes 3 this month (Froma and the Osteria Mozza)! The first wine in the flight is the one Susan recommended to me, Orsolani, Erbaluce di Caluso, La Rustia, 2006. (Erbaluce is the grape.) Suzy says, "This is a noble wine from Piedmont. It has a tiny bit of effervesence, which makes it super clean and fresh." Peter says, "It's everything you could want in an Italian white wine!"

I don't really like to write about food because I am NOT a foody, but our meal was really wonderful - authentic unfussy Italian. We had the wood oven baked provolone, grilled artichoke, pasta with pesto, green beans and potatoes with the perfect amount of garlic. I so often don't eat pesto because of all the raw garlic - yuck! Really really great fun. And the vibe is so mellow and cozy. (Plus the glassware is top-notch. You know how important that is to me!) You must visit Susan on Mondays!!!!

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