Monday, March 17, 2008

Va Vroom Valpolicella.

I haven't given a restaurant recommendation yet, mostly because Peter and I have been cooking so much at home. Socially, we're very lame. My first restaurant post is naturally from aoc on 3rd Street. Novaia, Valpolicella, 2003 from Italy. I think about this as a "country wine". It's rustic, slightly chocolately with classic Italian dusty cherry fruit. It's a steal at $44 on the wine list.

I gave this to my long time Tuesday night friends, Russ and his daughter Lindsey, and they seemed to really enjoy it! Trying to find that perfect everyday occasion or "Tuesday Night wine" isn't as easy as it sounds! Pictured above is your friendly aoc bartender Rick Margaritov. Ask for him by name or just identify him by his mugshot.


Anonymous said...

Amy, this wine sound delicious. I will have to visit there when I'm in the area. Being that I represent Italian corks I am all for Italian wines. Thanks for your recommendation.

acidfreak said...


nice blog! I appreciate your tone and approach. Had any other notable 05 or 06 cru beaujolias lately ?

always looking for the grapey freshness...

when you have a break from the books, give a swing by my blog based here in HotLanta!

thanks again for the good reads...