Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Pleasure Cubed.

I get a BIG kick out of "no corkage." It's the little things in life that really make it worth while, you know? We had dinner at Cube on Melrose tonight, my fav no corkage local neighborhood joint. Home of Divine Pasta Company. (Click here for some reviews)Bring your own wine and get out of there for $60 for 2 people. That means you can splurge on the wine you bring in. Do not wimp out and bring a $20 bottle!

Peter and I brought a great small production Italian wine, Testamatta (literally "Crazyhead" in Italian.). Our friend Giacomo Sesni (pictured above at the winery) makes this wine for revolutionary producer Bibi Graetz, in Fiesole, right outside the city limits of Florence. 100% Sangiovese from the 2005 vintage, you can get this wine at the Wine House and K & L. At around $50 a pop, it may sound expensive, but think about this: what wine can you get for $50 at a restaurant? This wine would be $150 on list! So bring your own $50 wine and still get of there for a Benjamin.

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