Friday, March 7, 2008

It's a Shame. Or I'm a Sham.

I am ashamed of myself. Peter bought this bottle of dry Portugese wine at the Wine House a week ago, and I have been DREADING it's contents. I am not one to venture into unknown territories to buy cheap wine. But here I am drinking this lovely bottle of Cardeal, Reserva, Touriga National, Dao, 2002. It's just packed with soft, pretty red fruit, has really attractive Old World dusty quality but it's totally clean and has great acidity. No heavy tannins and nothing that tastes "cheap" about it. Lip smacking good! Cardeal is a MUST BUY for $11.99. Show up at a party with this sweet baby and everyone will think you are adventurous and wine savvy.

I love that vintage stamp is reminiscent of a Port bottle. Touriga Nacional is the grape variety (AKA Tempranillo - the grape used in so many lovely Spanish wines - like Rioja and Ribera del Duero.) Dao is the region. Reserva means very little (unlike in Spain and Italy where it generally refers to the time spent in barrel.) Check out this great site on interpreting Portuguese wine labels.

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