Friday, February 5, 2010

Ruby red sparkling.

Parigot, Bourgogne Brut, Cremant, NV.

I can't call this a rosé, cause it's so damn red, like Valentine's day red, but it's also not as intensely red as a sparkling Aussie Shiraz. It's kinda in between. I love the Parigot rosé for great value sparkling wine, but this baby is much deeper and richer and even has a slight phenolic textural component to it that makes your tongue quiver. Loads of ripe black cherry, wet stone minerality and lively, refreshing acidity. Just what Cupid ordered for V-Day. Easy to polish off a bottle between 2 people with the added potential for romance following consumption.

A fun, surprise sparkling wine from Burgundy. It's surprisingly pretty widely available. El Vino, Domaine LA, Woodland Hills Wine Company. Priced around $22-$25.

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