Tuesday, January 19, 2010

St. Jo

Domaine Faury, Saint-Joseph, 2007.

What a delicious little gem. I blind tasted it for Crozes-Hermitage, but whatevs, close enough, yes?

I said to Peter, wow, this is the best $25 wine I've had in a long time. It tasted like a $50 wine, Hooray for that! Spicy, some integrated wood tannins, a little smoke and game on the nose, some new French oak, baking spices, super yum.

$25.99 at the Wine House.


Ian Johnson said...

Did you have the St. Joseph with that lovely looking pizza. Beats Cab Franc any day. No?

Jeff Zimmitti said...

You and Peter have a pizza oven? If not, that pie got a real nice looking char in a conventional oven, nice job.

And St Joseph for under $30?! Do you know who distributes? Lisa is on a northern Rhone kick, and a Venetian (Amarone) kick and I am in trouble... need third job.

Amy said...

I have no idea who distributes this wine, but it was so delicious with the pizza (homemade, but in a conventional oven!).

But Ian, you know, I'm not sure I could identify CF blind!!!

Jill said...

Kermit Lynch???

Amy, you're really limiting your comments now that we can't use jokey pseudonyms...such a shame!