Sunday, December 6, 2009


Volpe Pasi, GriVo, Pinot Grigio, 2008.

One could say that I am not the greatest Pinot Grigio fan. I think to be a fan, that is one's preferred style, of Pinot Grigio means that one has not indulged in the other great wines of the world.

However, Peter gave me this a blind tasting and if I were to drink a Pinot Grigio, it would likely be this one. My quick notes were as follows:

Color: straw-gold
Acid: moderate plus
Alcohol: moderate plus (14%)?
Tannin / Phenolic: yes, points to less gentle handling, harder pressing technique
Fruit: baked apple, juicy pear, lemon / lime notes
Oak / WM: no, possible MLF due to lower than expected acidity, but cool ferm temps by fruit preservation and tank ferm for temperature control
Quality: good mid-market, moderate persistence on finish

My point being this note could be for any innocuous white Italian wine. Chardonnay, Trebbiano, Gargenega, Greco di Tufo, etc. etc. Est! Est!! Est!!!????

I actually thought it was Pinot Grigio in the end, but only after agonizing on why it couldn't be these other varieties. lacks richer texture of Chardonnay, but lemon / lime notes and apple easily can be Soave, Greco. That's why aromatics cannot be relied upon. What ultimately took me to Pinot Grigio was the phenolic quality on the finish. It's often that with PInot Gris / Grigio I get this quality, a slight bitterness. I was perhaps wrong on the alcohol too, though this was a fairly rich style PG.

At any $16.99 at Domaine LA. You will like it me thinks.


Jill said...

Welcome back to blogging...

Very minor correction: the wine is $15.99! That makes it almost too cheap for you to like, aside from the grape variety issues :)

Unknown said...


it's look like delicous...if i have a condition i will try...good day Amy

Amy said...

Thanks Jill!! actually, it's nice to be back to blogging again. I have lots of great wines to share... more Domaine LA choices int he near future!