Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tea for two. Two for tea.

Velenosi, Antica Lacrima di Morro, (vintage? oops!)

You can see by this photo that the night was getting on... darkness settled on the deck and Simon and friends began to move to heavier wines. Goodbye Vermentino and rose. Hello... umm... hello... uh... jeez... what is this??

I put my nose in this glass and said WHOA! Spectacular! I have never in my lfie had a wine that smelled like this wine. It was as if Paula had poured me a lovely cup of Earl Grey tea. The lavender overtones were HAUNTING, and I've never said that about a wine before. Ever in my life. I've heard a lot of people use lavender as a descriptor, and I've always smiled and nodded and went a long with it. But this night, wow! Did I get some lavendar. And black tea. Simply delicious.   

This winery is located in the Marches region of Italy, more specifically in the Rosso Piceno Superior zone. I do love me some Rosso Piceno. Not that I get to drink it that often. Lacrima di Morro is the grape variety and I want to say that its all done in tank. You know I generally hate tank fermented and "aged" wines. They are fruit dominate and lacking in complexity. But this little one just sings. Have it with a scone perhaps. Or Japanese chocolate like we did. 

Around $15 at Larchmont Wine and Spirits. 

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