Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A real howler.

Domaine de Nerleux, Saumur-Champigny, 2004.

K&L, $23.99. 

I'm not sure what the howling dogs represent, but this wine was so delicious, I was howling too. So was Peter. And when we started howling Bubbles, the dog, started howling. She loves Cabernet Franc as much as we do. Mostly because when we drink it it causes us to be very happy and are therefore less likely to scold her when she barks at the cat across the street. This wine had lots of fruit, and great savory mushroom notes. 

That's what I call YUM-O-RAMA!


Alice Hooper said...

I thought your dog was named Chunks?

Amy said...

Her name is Bubbles Chunks. Most people don't call her by her full name though. It's too formal.

Down Shep said...

I recall Peter saying that one night he got so drunk, he went home & blew Chunks.