Thursday, June 18, 2009

In love with Saint-Amour.

Domaine Cheveau, Saint-Amour, 2007. 

Ok, well you know what Dr. Phil says, people don't give up habits, they replace them with other habits. It's public knowledge that I've been weening myself off of Cabernet Franc as it was becoming a real problem. But now I have another problem, Cru Beaujolais. I LOVE good BJ - no funny jokes Mr. Robert Porker, Jr., and this one was a real beaut. Loads of cherry and raspberry fruit, but not too primary, low tannins, high acid, totally thirst quenching!

$28 at Venokado


Jill said...

We had a Chenas last night and I actually commented to Jesse that I think I would have mistaken it for a Loire Cab Franc had I been tasting it blind. So I can understand your transition being somewhat comfortable.

As for Saint-Amour, you should go try the new resto of the same name in Culver City. It's very good. And they need some of your wines (BSF and Veritas) on their list...

Amy said...

Jill, you're brilliant - I will check it out this week!