Monday, May 25, 2009

Pinot is from Earth and nothing is from Mars or Venus.

Rex Hill, Oregon, Pinot Noir, Reserve, 2005.

I can't remember why Peter and I bought this bottle, only because our retail expenditures lately have been under $25, it must have been a pre-unemployment purchase. 

We tasted this next to some Burgundy samples that I had out for the day and even though Oregon is often compared to Burgundy the styles of these 2 regions are very very different and I don't think it's totally apparent until you taste them side by side. Oregon just has more fruit- juicy cherry and a little candied fruit - far less earthy and savory characteristics compared to Burgundy. Both high acidity, both low to moderate tannins, depending on the winemaking, of course, but nevertheless, worlds apart... literally.... well not LITERALLY. They are countries apart I guess... worlds apart would be like Mars and Earth. As far as I know they don't grow grapes on Mars. Yet. 

Anyhow, treat yourself to some high end PN, I know that part of the business is struggling these days. You'd be doing your duty as a consumer. $35.99 at the Wine House. 

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