Tuesday, April 28, 2009

See you later alligator.... ehr, um... aligote.

Francois Mikulski, Aligote, 2004? 2005? 2006? Vintage subject to change without notice! $13-$16 depending on the vintage. 

The Cheese Store of Silverlake has had great luck selling this wine, a Veritas selection. It has one or two loyal followers anyway.

It is produced from old vines, planted in 1929, which produces wonderfully concentrated lemon / lime fruit. Its SUPER high in acidity and no oak on this baby. It's steely and refreshing and perfect for hot summer days. Someone told me on Monday its like drinking razor blades. Now that's my kind of wine! 

In other news, I feel terrible today. Am blogging from bed. Hope its not the Swine FLU! Either that or too much Fleurie last night - stayed tuned!


Aporkalypse Now said...

swine flu + too much Fleurie = wine flu

Oliver East said...

That's a good-looking Meursault on the shelf behind. Who distributes that?

Jeff Zimmitti said...

Since Amy is not responding I will carry the load.

Hey, it looks like you got your Regal connection back on track.

I see the blowout Clos Le Chance and the best-selling Rosso pick, the Mas Donis.

28 cases and counting...

Peter Dunking said...

That's Mas Donuts. A different beast altogether.

Amy said...

That's the poet winemaker, Roland Thevenin, Meursault, 2003, also available at Tavern by the bottle!