Thursday, February 19, 2009

For those who still have jobs.

Chateau Charmail, Haut-Medoc, 2005. 

Back when Peter still had a job, like 2 weeks ago, we spent more money on wine. Our average nightly price for a bottle was between $18 and $40. 

So it wasn't unusual for us to enjoy a great little wine like this one, $28 at Rosso Wine Shop in Glendale. 

I blind tasted this wine for Barbera, because I knew Peter was going to Rosso and I has emailed Jeff, the owner, to tell Peter to pick me up a nice bottle of Barbera. Ah! The power of suggestion. Rule number one, do not second guess the examiner. 

We really liked this wine and it goes to show what strides producers in Haut-Medoc are making in quality. Exellent oak integration, very pleasant and typical green notes of Cabernet and nice soft tannins. 

If you haven't lost your job yet, give this one a go. It won't disappoint! Also, its worth noting that Holus Bolus is making an appearance at Rosso this week, so pony up for one of those too. 


Anonymous said...

But the pre-eminent variety IS Barbera + some deep-fried Mars bar & lashings of parking violation.

Amy said...

Have you seen Burt Lancaster around the hood? Heard he got a job at Potato Chips.