Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Es no mas.

A beautiful Chinon from Silverlake Cheese. 

Chateau de Vaugaudry, Chinon, 2005. 

I bought this ages ago but I think it is no longer in inventory at the store, so I'm sure Julian cam recommend something comparable. Lovely fruit, not too green, not actually green at all. Tastes good. I don't think there's a need to say anything more, do you?


Jeff Zimmitti said...

Good to see you bloggin' again. Julian and I missed you...

This Chinon is quite good. We sold out of it too. A Winewise product and excellent value.

I had a customer that sez he loves Cab Franc, so I recommend this Chinon. He comes back the next day with the bottle saying it is problematic. I ask "is it corked?" He said a little and it has a strange finish.

I open the bottle in front of him. "Perfectly fine" I say. This is what this wine tastes like.

So I ask him "what kind of Cab Franc have you tried and liked?" because this is textbook Loire red.

Oh well... I took it back, poured it at the wine bar and sold the rest of my stash out. Gotta love retail.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the long above, but it's worth it.