Sunday, February 15, 2009

Boy goy.

My obsession with Loire Valley Cabernet Franc continues. 

Now, I have no idea how I got so into Cab Franc lately, but its been one of those things that literally had to grow on me. Like Sherry. I also still have trouble pronouncing Bourgueil (Bor goy?).

Catherine & Pierre Breton, Trinch, 2007. 

This was a gift friends brought to our house. "Trinch" is named from the noises glasses make when they "clink." Biodyanmic viticulture, minimum SO2. 

Usually those low SO2 wines are full of stink. But this was lovely wine - with no stink. Fairly high acid and moderate tannin and violety qualities (am I finding violets in everything these days?) But the fruit was nice, very restrained, but still nicely balanced with the minerality. Masculine in a boyish kinda way. 

I like the label too. The Loire river and its tributaries.  

And its fairly cheap - $17.99 at K&L in Hollywood.  


Anonymous said...

Both Sergeant Recruiter in Los Feliz & El Prado in Echo Park serve the following Cab Franc for $8 a glass:
07 La Famille Plouzeau "Les Devants de la Bonnelière" Touraine, Loire, France
"Essentially a declassified Chinon, this is a small wine that flirts with perfection. A paradigm of Loire Cabernet Franc, it is entirely faithful to its origins, with a compelling amalgam of sappy raspberry fruit & dark earth tones. Country wine at its best & most authentic." Biodynamic too.

Amy said...

Terry - thanks!! great info. I would love to try this wine and have to get over to El Prado soon... I really want to see Julian's list. Sgt Recruiter is so close to us though... hmmm... lots of options... and it doesn't take much to get me out of the house to drink more Loire CF.

Rebecca Hedrick said...

Amy --
This is one of my new favorites! Steve at K&L suggested it and i am loving it!
Terry's suggestion sounds delicious also! Maybe we'll have to meet in Echo Park soon.

Jeff Zimmitti said...

Can you believe Terry Theise is posting here? What an honor... and happy birthday Terry!

Amy said...

Yeah, I feel honored!!