Friday, January 9, 2009

Menetou what?

Philippe Gilbert, Menetou-Salon, 2006.

Now when Peter poured this wine I tasted it as Alsatian Pinot Noir because it had like NO FRUIT. It is a mineral bomb. It didn't have the earthiness or mushroom quality of AC Bourgogne Rouge, and not the rusticity of Sancerre, I had no idea where to place it. I knew it was Old World cool climate Pinot and that's about it. 

Super fun because I can't remember when I've had a wine with less fruit. I can't say it enough. Acid was moderate, not overwhelming, tannins were non-existent... it was just minerals and I don't know what. So simple, and yet so elegant. We watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall (what a dirty movie!) and it was the cleanest thing about our night. 

K&L, $23.99. 


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time (when he still drank French wines), superstar smelly-A David Rosoff ran an article en français about Henri Pellé through an interweb translation engine. Menetou Salon kept popping up as Menetou Living Room. Laugh? He nearly did.

Alex said...

the Menetou Salon wines are excellent, some are nearly as good as a Sancerre, which is much more expensive.
My favorite Menetou is the Mellot :