Monday, January 5, 2009

80 year old Chinon.

Domaine de la Noblaie, Les Chiens-Chiens, Chinon, 2005. 

This wine took a while to open up, I found it to be a little stinky and reduced at first, kinda rubbery, but then, viola, with a little air the stink bomb blew off and it became a lovely little Cabernet Franc enjoyed by the whole family (me and Peter) and 4 friends. It didn't last long, was gone in about 15 minutes I think, so I don't really have a proper description. 

$17.99 at Domaine 547

In my laziness, this Jill's write up from her website:

This version of the grape is classic Loire style, though made by a slightly rogue 24-year-old winemaker, Jerome Billard. This is a lighter bodied style wine but with aromas and flavors in spades. Lots of cloves and all-spice, and black raspberries and some smokiness to it. Jerome worked in California at Dominus and at Petrus in Bordeaux before heading to the Loire Valley, where he is making waves with his Chinon. This drinks great now but look out, it will age for some time as its filled with bright acidity. Oh, and did we mention that this comes from old vines Cab Franc? Some as old as 80 years. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, good to see you blogging from Burgundy.

FYI, I realize the note here from my website is really for the 2004 of the Chiens-Chiens. I should have gone back and included a new note for the 2005, which is quite different. I wouldn't call it lighter bodied Cab Franc at all, or nearly as vegetal as the 2004. It's fuller and richer, and meatier and almost more new world-y. But I still like it. Happy the stink blew off soon enough for you and your crew to enjoy it.


Ian Johnson said...

I know this wine. It's imported here on the East Coast with a slightly different label. I have to admit I have never much enjoyed Cabernet Franc. However, if Mencia indeed is Cab Franc then perhaps I just don't like it made in the cool-climate style of Loire.