Monday, December 1, 2008

A good one for Christmas or just for today.

I've written about Lopez de Heredia, Rioja before but I didn't write about the 1981 that my friend ws nice enough to share with me at Palate. 

We drank this next to a 2003 Barolo and I much preferred this wine. It was so elegant and refined. Like silk pajamas, I wanted to curl up in it. The fruit was faded, but the wine was not oxidized. It had some dried fruit and nuts, but I found it to be alluring and not off putting. 

Some people love really old wine that tastes like dried out poo poo (1981 Sebastiani anyone?). I don't happen to be one of those people. But old wine that's well made and properly stored is a real treat. And this little bottle is just that!

You can get this at Wine House, Wine Exchange, Wally's and K&L. all priced between $79.99 to $99.99. Make it a special Christmas treat!


Anonymous said...

Isaac Muga regards 1981 to be one of Rioja's best vintages ev despite blazing hot conditions & wild, uncontrolled fermentations. He's also a big fan of 1975 Sebastiani Barbera, a bottle of which I happen to own. Thirsty?

Jeff Zimmitti said...

Pony up, old man. You know I am the Barbera-king.

You like how Amy leaves her own wine's blog up for like 4 days... shameful.

Amy said...

I'm not ashamed!!! Buy Genuine Risk! Who cares about the rest?!

Anybody want to taste the new Clendenen wines?? Jeff? Jules?

Jeff Zimmitti said...

Let's do it. Friday, after the needles?

Anonymous said...

I have a Heitz Grignolino vertical @ 1 Thursday, but can afford some time in the back of the Pinto later.