Thursday, October 16, 2008

If you're in the windy city...

Kloster Eberbach, Steinberger, Riesling, Spatlese, 2005. 

This is a HUGE winery, like a million cases and it's state owned, which is also weird. But it's an amzing place to visit and as I was looking over my German photos I realized I didn't write about Kloster-Eberbach. Kloster means Monastery, Eber means streana nd bach mean bora. So it's a monk pig stream. Interesting!

The wines are really nice, especially because the winery is so big, and they make a terrific pinot that is like 13% alcohol. 

I drank this wine in the Steinberger vineyard, aren't I special!? It's $30 by mail at Sam's in Chicago. (Couldn't find it local!!)

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Me no read the Gaelic