Friday, October 24, 2008

If only I had a sombrero.

Burgans, Albarino, Rias Biaxes, 2007.

ALBARRINNOOOO! I just like to put a little Spanish accent on that. Burgans is the name of an Irish Pub on Fairfax, right? Or is that Bergen's? 

Anyhoo, Albarino is perfect for the girly girls or the metrosexual males (Bill Fernandez). It's floral, light, kiwi-esque and just full of fresh citrus fruit. A nice white wine with loads of character, nothing trite or dull about this one. 

This one is a cheapy, $16.99 at Mr. Marcel at the Grove or $13.99 at Rosso Wine Shop in Montrose. 


Anonymous said...

$13.99 @ Rosso.

Anonymous said...

"floral, light, kiwi-esque and just full of fresh citrus fruit" - just like Billy Boy in fact, except he's Cuban-American, not ex New Zealand.

Amy said...

Where the hell is Billy Boy?

Yorkie, nice one! $13.99? What a bargain!

Anonymous said...

$16.99???? $13.99???

Yes, not expensive but still higher than full bump retail. It's $11.99 at K&L and elsewhere. $13.99 is pushing it but still within reason. $16.99 is gouging for this wine.

Anonymous said...

One imagines that K&L have a little more buying muscle, i.e., buy multiple cases, receive deeper discounts, than small, independent wine shops. & "full bump retail" is frontline bottle price, i.e., gross, not net, x 1.5, which would put the price between 13.99 & 16.99.

Anonymous said...

You offend me madame!! You have not mentioned Vouvray this week. What kind of wine aficionado ignores Vouvray?

Anonymous said...

We used to have a wonderful Albarino at Claimjumper. He was from Zacatecas and he was a damn good dishwasher.

He said he came into this country in the trunk of a Mazda. He said there were 5 other people in the trunk including a Chinaman with irritable bowel syndrome.

One time we were pounding tequilas, and I asked about his experience coming across the border.

He said "why tell you, when I can show you, amigo."

So I got in his trunk as he drove around the block.

The police pulled him over for swerving. Because he was undocumented, he ditched the vehicle and ran.

He didn't even say goodbye. His last words were "pincho gringos!"

Unfortunately for me, I passed out and his car was impounded. When I woke up, I survived by eating the trunk liner and some pencils. I was found a week a later 25 pounds lighter.

To make matters worse, upper management demoted me for not reporting to work in seven days. They even deducted $25 from my check for new uniform. The old one kept sliding off me.

When I questioned the legality of their actions, they threatened to stick me back in the trunk and drive to headquarters in Irvine where I would be greeted by a mixed martial artist.

Please keep this to yourself as my salary was bumped up recently.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea if Eric will come back to check the comments but I'm a tiny independent retailer and I know what the pricing structure is on the Burgans. With a mere 3 case solid buy or five case mix and match, the full bump retail is 11.99. I know, because I have sold this same product for that little. I wasn't talking about a 10 case or 26 case buy. Just a small drop.

I'm all for small, independent retailers. I am one.

Amy said...

I think at Mr Marcel, because they are a restaurant too, their pricing structure might be a little higher than traditional retail markup. Just a thought!

Jeff Zimmitti said...

$11.99 is a more than a great price ($2 less than full pop retail). The 3-case solid drop you refer to gets the wholesale price down $9.33. So that means that at an $11.99 list you make $2.66 per bottle.

If a small shop can survive on that kind of markup more power to you. But the full pop retail on that one is $9.33 x 1.5 = $13.99. That is the standard.

If you are more of a discount house then you can go less but then you depend on major volume to make up for those markups.

When a small shop buys 3 cases solid they are extending themselves by taking that much (they will float that stock for a time). And to expect to only make $2.66 is a tough one.

Restaurant type markups can be anywhere from 2x - 4x (sadly).

Anonymous said...

Precisely. 13.99 is full-bump/pop retail off a three-case-solid discount, thus net, not gross, thus still not full-bump/pop retail proper.