Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wine in cardboard.

Thank my friend Marcel again for this one. I haven't tasted the wine, why bother? It's from Macon, we all know what that tastes like for the most part, right?

Macon is interesting because it's like South Cote-de-Beaune adjacent (I tell people I live in South Hancock Park Adjacent, so I GET IT). Not as good as "real Burgundy." So this packaging totally makes sense. 

I like it. Peter and I drove to Lompoc tonight and listened to Krista Tippet's Speaking of Faith - and the topic was The Business of Doing Good. Corporate Social Responsibility. The guy from Ethos Water was on. It was interesting. Can a bottled water really purport to be doing good when its filling up landfills. Sure why not is my answer. At least they are giving it a go. 

I tried to engage Peter in a conversation about how we could be more environmentally friendly with our wines and I thought we could use something like that Aussie brand Arniston Bay's aluminum bag for Hocus Pocus. Not like anyone is holding on to that wine in their cellar. And I don't think it made sense to him. Peter is a 750ml glass bottle and natural cork kinda guy. I think if we used this packaging  we would sell more wine and that's the sort of corporate responsibility that I really like. 

Any thoughts? Anyone buy Three Thieves Tempranillo and like it? Or that Bandit wine in tetra-pak?

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