Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vegetarian lambrusco.

Medici Ermete, Concerto, Reggiano, Lambrusco, NV. 

Fruity, totally loaded with wild berries and cassis, but totally dry, I find this little bugger super interesting. Lambrusco is fascinating to me because its crazy deep ruby red and basically tastes like cold, sparkling, and in this case dry, red wine. Which I guess it is. Why that's "fascinating" I don't know. But I like it and you should give it a try.  

Also, I just found out this product is "vegetarian", meaning no animal by-products (like fish bladders) were used in the fining process. Click here for a funny read (FYI, ox blood was traditionally used as a fining agent in, but is illegal in just about every place in the world that produces commercial wine, but this paper makes some excellent points, particularly the diatribe on drinking at the bottom of the page.) 

As a side note in response to the paper, this wine should not make you commit suicide... I don't think... it's not like an Ozzy Osborne song or anything. 

You can get this at Froma on Melrose for $25. 


Anonymous said...

"Anger, hatred, lust, greed, or any emotion reasonably controlled under normal circumstances may find free rain . . ." I love me some free rain, perhaps more so than free wine.
Interesting postscript. All of a sudden the science gives way to unhinged anti-booze hysteria. "How can you tell what a man will do when he's drunk?" When he tears off my panties & rides me like a pony probably.

Amy said...

Thats the only kind of drunk man I like.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy. I found your blog while doing some searching on the Reggiano Lambrusco red wine I was just given. I'm looking to have some with a friend, but he's vegan and won't eat or drink anything with animal products. I saw here ( on your blog that it's vegetarian, but is it vegan-friendly? I know that some wines use egg, but I can't find any literature on the subject. What do you think? Thanks!