Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gabby Gauby.

Domaine Gauby, Cotes du Roussillon Villages, 2004. 

I actually blind tasted this wine for a very modern style Langhe Nebbiolo - can you believe it? It had a sort of incredible tannic intensity - but actually was too dark and inky for Nebbiolo. I should've known, but I just couldn't place it as a Grenache based wine. It also has Mourvedre and Carignan - which explains that pruney dark extracted character. 

We had a lot of wine this night with the Gauby being the last. We talked LATE into the night. So from now on I'm calling this wine Gabby Gauby... I bet this would work better than water boarding to get old George Bushy's detainees to finally rat about those weapons of mass destruction?

Domaine Gauby is being enjoyed by Chef Octavio at Palate. It's $44 on the wine list. That's a lot of wine for $44! 

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