Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blind tasting gone awry. Again.

Givin' some love to my honey, he blind tasted me on the not yet released Stolpman, Estate Syrah, 2006. I thought it was St. Joseph with a little more umph of fruit and alcohol. 

My notes were, "Juicy fruity aromatics combined with lean minerality point to old world. Moderate plus alcohol and moderate plus tannin indicate warm climate. Grape variety (Syrah) indicates N. Rhone Valley... " well... no need to write more.... you can see that I went right off the deep end. 

But nevertheless what I wrote about the quality level is more important. I wrote "High quality." and then listed a bunch of reasons which would actually bore you more than what I wrote above (if that's possible). 

It retails for around $30 and you will definitely be able to get it at the Wine House on September 15th. 


Anonymous said...

Hi again. I got a identity now that I will be making an occasional contribution to your blog. I love talking wine. I see you have a fondness for St. Joseph. So do I do. I love it so much that I included one on the list at Claimjumper. My St. Joseph's last name is Phelps. What is yours? Maybe they're related.

Anonymous said...

Does Joseph Phelps come in a magnum?