Sunday, July 20, 2008

Like taxidermy for wine people.

My designer friend, Marcel, sent me another odd design link. This time to a funky antler decanter. 

I have to say - I love this one! It makes me want to go camping (at Chateau Marmont of course). I have no idea how much they cost but I have every intention on getting one since I LOVE decanters. I think decanters are just about the best thing in the world to give as gifts or to just blow some extra money on. (Extra money meaning the kind you take from your spouse's wallet when they aren't looking.)

We got a beautiful etched crystal decanter from Tiffany for our wedding, and we totally use it all the time - it's sooo fancy - and it makes me feel regal. That's about the only time in my life when I do. 

This one tops the cake however. Check out the cleaning instructions!

 P.S. I just found the price. At 2100 Euro this might be a little out of reach. I don't think Peter ever has that much money in his wallet. Bummer dude. 


Anonymous said...

Wow, I must have that...that is AWESOME. Now, if only it weren't more than a month's car, house, food and utilities payments?

Amy said...

Hey - let's pitch in and get one together and we can have a visitation schedule.