Sunday, June 15, 2008

Drinking in the cemetery.

Hollywood Forever's Saturday night movie extravaganzas are a regular event around our house. We cook all day, load up our food and wine, hopefully have a friend who's nice enough to be our designated driver and head off to the cemetery. Last night was My Man Godfrey, 1936, starring Carole Lombard. It was so good - it really was - but it was really cold and the four of us snuggled and fell dead asleep for most of it. Ce la Vie!

We drank a nice little Alsatian Pinot Noir, Heber-Bleger, 2005 (I wrote 
about the gewurztraminer a while ago). It was a wee bit dirty, like horse poo and leather, but it didn't bother me - I usually hate those aromas. It really started to blow off once it sat in the clunky water glass for a while. I like these wines that have lots of acid and tang. They my kind of drink. 

Oh, just a note... the color was brownish and a little weird, but it didn't taste oxidized. $18 at Cheese Store of Silverlake and Silverlake Wine.

Pictured is my friend, Dave Hale. Also photographer of what we wished was Alfred Hitchcock's grave!


Anonymous said...

The Cheese Store of Silver Lake carries the Huber-Bleger Peanut Nowhere too, & I've never known it to be brown & bretty. Maybe you were drinking pre-resurrection Tempier Bandol?

Also Hitch was cremated & his ashes scattered, so no luck there either.

Amy said...

Mr. Fuller, you are a wealth of information as always! Thanks... You happen to know the price at the Cheese Store?

Anonymous said...

$18.99 + tax & a voluntary contribution to the George W. Bush Presidential Library fund if you have a comic to spare.

Amy said...

I do actually. I belonged to the Prince comic book club. As in the artist formerly known as.... I have a whole series of Prince comic books that I think would made a great addition to your library.