Friday, June 20, 2008

Budget nebbiolo.

Peter and I have decided that when you feel REALLY poor you should go out and spend more money. I used to have a friend who firmly believed, "The more money I spend the more money I make. The money just seems to find me when I need it." And she meant it. I am taking on this approach. 

The mortgage payment is due, the second half of the month isn't nearly as fun as the first half, so last night we decided we'd have a very casual night out. I hate that horrid word budget... 

We thought, maybe grab ONE pizza with ONE glass of wine at the Pizzeria Mozza? Well, they were really full, even at 630pm. So we walked to the Osteria and David R. got us table really fast. 

And before you know it we have an $83 bottle of wine (that's cheap really!) and lamb and pasta and cheese and the whole shebang. Everything was crazy good.  Worth every penny. 

The wine was terrific, David's recommendation. He sold us on it when he said it's "splitting hairs" to tell the difference between this Roero and Barbaresco. Roero is just north of Alba and west of Barbaresco, minimum of 6 months in wood and 20 months total between wood and bottle before release. 

Malvira, Roero, "Trinita", 1999 is a great buy for $83 and ready to drink now. It doesn't have the intense lip smacking finish of Barolo or Barbaresco. Instead it has great subtlety for Nebbiolo. Very traditional and dusty, high acid with soft tannins. Delicioso!

Does anyone else notice that for a vegetarian I seem to be eating a lot of lamb lately?

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