Thursday, April 17, 2008

Poolside riesling.

So speaking of classic regions and classic wines, this is great little 2005 Riesling from Bert Simon in the Mosel region of Germany. Serrig Herrenberg is the village and the vineyard name, respectively. I love Germany Riesling because of the smidge of sweetness and low alcohol. The problem is determining sweetness, even with the classification system, can be difficult. Kabinett tells you that it's likely dry or off-dry. If you don't like any sweetness in your wine, look for "Trocken" on the label.

Regardless, the acidity on this wine was bracing and really well balanced with the slight residual sugar. We are now trying to get some of this to serve at the wedding. It's $25.99 at Bristol Farms. (Our first foray into the Whole Foods competitor for wine!)

Peter and I popped this wine open at 11am in Palm Springs and we poured little bits into our glasses throughout the day. It took us 7 hours to finish the bottle, but it was perfect sipping by the pool!

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snoosiesue said...

it took you 7 HOURS to finish this? Damn...The last time it took me (and another person) 7 hours to finish a bottle was a bottle of kaopectate after eating at Gladstones! Jeez.