Saturday, April 26, 2008

JulesHarrison at aoc.

JulesHarrison, Santa Maria, Soloman Hills, Pinot Noir, 2005.

I love this wine, and not just because its Caroline's wine! Caroline Styne co-owns aoc and Lucques with Suzanne Goin, of course, and is an amazing wine person. She makes JulesHarrison with Katherine Strange, a wine distributor. Joe Davis from Arcadian consults on the wine making. It's very elegant with dark brooding cherry fruit, dried roses and other perfumey floral elements. If I could afford to drink it every night I would! It's $90 on the list and $24 a glass in the cruvinet. I think its always good to splurge every now and then, and you won't be disappointed in this one. Not sure where it can be found retail, but you can find it at Spago too!

Pictured again is Rick, your friendly neighborhood bartender!!


snoosiesue said...

Caroline is the bomb! I have yet to try JulesHarrison but no doubt it is beautiful. Who knows? With any luck you may find it at VENOKADO in 4 weeks! ohhhhh yeahhhh.

Amy said...

We need to get together and rock a bottle baby!! It's muy delicious!