Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Since it is my blog, I suppose it's time for a little self-promotion. Hocus Pocus Pinot Noir is now released! It's from Willamette Valley, Oregon is 12.18% alcohol and I think it's super delicious and refreshing for summer sipping. (That sounds uber-cheesy, but I'm sticking to my guns here). Just lots of bright cherry fruit, it's lean and elegant.

Check it out at Rosso Wine Shop, CheeseStore of Silverlake, Colorado Wine Company and the upcoming Venokado on Fountain in Hollywood (opening predicted for end of May, delayed due to my wedding - that's how important I am). It retails for around $23.

Support my wedding fund. Buy HoPo Pinot.


snoosiesue said...

You are a superstar! Of course we delayed the opening for your wedding. you ARE that important.

the link to VENOKADO is routing to, just an fyi - we actually have a web page up already if you can believe it: check it out, lady.


Amy said...

Alright!!!!The link been changed my lovely Susan per your request! :)