Monday, March 24, 2008

Patriotism lives.

I missed my post yesterday due to Easter Sunday... so today I have 2! We bottled Hocus Pocus Pinot Noir on Friday and last night wanted to try it out against another Willamette Valley, Oregon, Pinot Noir. This one is called Cristom, 2005 vintage. It's interesting because 1) we bought it in half bottle (for $18.99 at the Wine House) 2) it's domestic and we rarely drink domestic (it's on the list of New Year's Resolutions) 3) it's sooo different from Hocus Pocus Pinot, which is very light and "primary".

This wine is a little oaky, lots of sweet vanilla and stewed cherry fruit. Nothing green about it. So many Oregon Pinots can taste a little too cool climate vegetal to me. The alcohol is a little hot, but not so much so that it totally threw me off. Perfect for the new episode of Rock of Love 2.

PLUS, my very good friend, Cara Bertone, says it's perfect with Easter chocolate. We tasted it last night and then had the last drops at lunch today.

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