Saturday, March 15, 2008

Moo Goo Magnien.

Frederic Magnien has long been one of my go to Burgundies. Last night we drank the 2005 Bourgogne Rouge ($16.99 at Wine Exchange in Orange) with Chinese Food. It's light and lean but has a sweetness on the palate that's frequently found in the 2005s - a classic vintage in almost all regions of France.

You'll noticed it's also labeled as Pinot Noir. This is a new trend for the American market and the Sideways generation who have grown to love Pinot, but might not know that Pinot Noir and Red Burgundy (aka Bourgogne) are synonymous. It seems like a trek to make the drive to Wine Exchange, but they really do have some of the best prices in town and a huge selection of Burgundy and, well, EVERYTHING. Make a trip, put together a few cases and you're set for the month! Also, check for other stores more local where this wine is carried. If you can afford the more expensive Magnien wines, buy them now because the 2005 is a vintage to hold onto.

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