Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just like Havana.

My tip for the day: When your only choice for wine is Rosemont Shiraz or Chilean Cabernet, order a cocktail.

Last night our realtor, Claudia, took us out to listen to Cuban Music. She's from Guatemala and wanted to give us an authentic Latin experience. We went to La Floridita, on the SW corner of Vine and Fountain. It's in a strip mall, and it's great!

We had a fairly respectable dinner for a salsa club. I had beans, rice, plantains and some unidentifiable egg thing. Anyway, when we arrived Claudia said, "You pick the wine". Now, I hate to be a snot, but the list was bad, and it's not their fault really, it's just that they are known for their Mojitos - grandpas secret recipe - not for wine. Now I'm not bashing Rosemont or Chilean Cabernet (well, actually, I would never drink either of those wines) for any other reason than if I can get it for $6.99 at Trader Joe's why would I buy it for $9 a glass La Floridita. The mojitas really put peter in the mood to dance. And in the three years I've known him he's NEVER danced! So ladies, drag your guys there and guilt them into the most embarrassing three minutes of their life. There's more to life than wine - there's dancing.

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Hwright said...

There are two things that are taken seriously at El Floridita: salsa dancing and mojitos, and I would both would make the place well worth visiting. And as Amy wrote, don't even bother with the wine!!