Friday, February 29, 2008

This Toro Should be in Handcuffs!

We're at Whole Foods on 3rd and Fairfax again. This time our choice is Telmo Rodriguez, Dehesa Gago (aka "g"), from Toro, Spain... umm... 2005??? We don't actually know for sure! The front label says 2005, the back label says 2004! I suppose that's a wee bit illegal, but I like living on the wild side. Let's hope the TTB turns a blind eye...

The bottle states, "without a doubt one of the driest harvests in the last 40 years. A winter without a drop of rain." (We are therefore inclined to believe it's 2005) Drought conditions stress the plant, which develop fewer clusters per vine (and smaller berries to boot) which in turn produce wines of great concentration. There's no irrigation allowed in the EU, so when it's dry, unless there's a special allowance by the government, it's just too bad for the growers. Lucky for us vine stress in moderation is good for quality. "g" has up front primary blackberry and plum flavors, and tons of minerality on the finish. Peter's says, "It tastes very Spanish." An astute observation I think and not bad at all for $15.99... but that mystery vintage is killing me!

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